By Sonal S. Talathi

I’ve always believed that there is travel and then there is your honeymoon sojourn – a trip which creates a whole new chapter in your travel diary.

Would I be far from the truth if I were to say the ‘honeymoon’ is indeed one of your most memorable trips – the romantic setting, the gorgeous sunsets, the soft breeze, the long walks…connecting with your beloved.

Something that you always go back to…

Something that will always linger and create that special ‘place’ in your heart.

We narrowed down on the oh so gorgeous Rome (suggested by almost everyone in my circle), the sensual Venice and the truly spectacular Amalfi Coast as our honeymoon getaway.

The picture perfect coast was a must go – ever since I had heard travel lore from a close friend and the vivid images that were painted beckoned me like a siren…the craggy coast, the jewel tone green blue waters…the romance of the coast and the sheer beauty of the cliffs was the perfect honeymoon getaway.

From Venice, we took a flight via Rome to Naples (Air Italia). From Naples airport, there are two alternatives to reach the Amalfi coast. To get there, you have to go to a place called Sorrento. To get to Sorrento, there is a direct bus from the airport which leaves about every 1.5 hrs. Alternatively, you can take a local bus which goes to Grand Terminal Station and from underground, take a local train named Circumvesuviana (pronounced ‘Chirkum-vesuviana’) which will reach you to Sorrento. From Sorrento there are Sita buses which take you along the Amalfi coast.

It’s a bit of travel but one you would thoroughly enjoy. We took the bus to the station and the train from there. Along the way, we caught glimpse of the great Mount Vesuvius and lemon orchards along with many holiday homes. The coast is made up of small towns and we chose to stay in Positano for its sheer beauty and its beach. Also, its one of the most stylish places on the coast.

First Impression: The moment our journey began and we started cruising on the narrow roads with a deep cliff on one side ending in the green-blue sea, we could think of nothing else. It was so beautiful and one could only hear ‘WOW’ from everyone in the bus! The bus drops you on top of the cliff and then you walk down to your hotel along the winding road which ends at the beach.

It was sunny the day we reached there and followed by light showers in the evening. The next day was perfect for a  boat ride though it was again cloudy in the evening. However, the change in weather had absolutely no effect on the vacationing crowd. Au contraire…added to the romantic element.

Love at first sight: Positano is actually two cliffs dotted along the small winding road with hotels. The entire place is made up of steps…you come out of your hotel on the road, and if you don’t feel like walking all the way down, just look for a small exit on your right to find the steps and then you are on your way to the beach. You will find these steps almost everywhere and all the steps end up at the beach.


The beach is made of small pebbles, with sun-beds dotting it.

If you stand on the beach and look up, all you will see are colorful hotels right up the hill. There is a small square before the beach which is the main area. Amalfi coast is made of small towns which one can visit by taking a open air bus ride. These are similar but none has the charm of Positano.

The vibe of the place is very fresh and energetic but at the same time relaxing.

From there, one can go on a speedboat to Capri island which is another beautiful place. A visit to Anacapri and its famous cable-chair, should be a must. The views from the mountain top are just breathtaking, with the pristine blue-green waters spread in front of you.

Local Flavors:  Amalfi coast is well known for its lemon orchards and you will find football sized giant lemons everywhere. As the production is very high, a liquor is produced from these, called limoncello. This is the local drink of the place. It’s a bit strong, the tangy smell and taste – you need to mix it with juice or water to have it (you can google the many ways to have it).

Sea-food is in abundance, especially prawns and fish. The place is very laid-back, perfect for a relaxing holiday. Having delicious pasta and pizza alongwith the drink of your choice (we were recommended local draft beer) sitting in a sea-side beach café has its own charm.

And its totally soothing on the mind.

The main problem for me, being a vegetarian that I am, is the lack of good food options, but in Italy – food is not a problem at all. The Italians love food and And add to that gelato ice creams at least thrice a day…life can’t get better than that.

The Locals:  This place is the south coast of Italy and a very famous weekend getaway for the locals. The summer weekends are packed with people driving down. The entire place thrives on tourism and the people are the most friendly.

Can’t wait to go back… ABSOLUTELY. It rained the day we were to leave and once in between but that doesn’t stop you from stepping out and lazily walking down the road and indulging in some shopping (though the rates are very high!).

We’ve already decided to definitely revisit the place sometime in future.

Till then my memories are captured on my lens – which, whilst I write this piece, I keep going back to till I can pack my bags and head out to my own little paradise.

About the author, Sonal: Busy with corporate finance during the week, her free time would find her hooked on to the internet. She is an avid reader and  loves to explore new places.

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