Ahoy passionate traveler! Care to share that travel madness by curating trips for our clients? We have three verticals – leisure, corporate & team building. Across the departments, you will get ample scope to go beyond your brief as long as you keep the clients happy (as well as our accountant Partha). We adore tourism degrees and topnotch knowledge in world geography but we also crave for a professional outlook, perfect result, hard work and a go-getter attitude. During the day we drive each other crazy and workload buries us. But come evenings, we move to our ‘to-die-for-terrace’ (in Mumbai HQ) where occasionally we throw small parties whenever we can and/or go on picnics and trips, sometimes flying off on ‘work-holidays’ or ‘Fams’ (familiarization trips to new destinations) or accompanying MICE groups to places like Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, Uzbekistan, China, Sri Lanka, France, New Zealand, Thailand (get the drift?). Bring your travel zeal to the table and surprise us and we will help realize your travel job goal.

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