Q’s Botswana Namibia
I) One little known fact/trivia that everyone should know about when travelling to Namibia/Botswana. The Okavango ‘Delta’ is in fact an ‘Alluvial Fan’ as it does not flow out into an ocean Namibia has the highest concentration of Cheetah (2000-3000) in the World, as well as the highest sand dune (980ft)
ii) What is a must buy when in Namibia/Botswana? Grass woven basket or ostrich-egg jewelry Wood-carvings, diamonds and semi-precious stones (leather shoes are also a great find)
iii)One take-away after a visit to  Namibia/Botswana? The diversity in landscape, wildlife and culture makes for a great travel circuit The variety in topography that makes up Namibia’s landscape is breathtaking to say the least!
iv) What is your advice to first time travellers? Do not try to squeeze as many places/destinations in a short space of time, rather enjoy a few places for longer (i.e. do not stay shorter than 3 nights at any destination)
v) One thing to definitely pack when travelling to  Namibia/Botswana. Walking shoes & binoculars Sun cream, hat and scorpion-viewer torch
vi) One activity anyone travelling to  Namibia/Botswana should not miss.. Walking, motor boat and mokoro (in the Delta) Dune climbing, hot air ballooning & quad biking through the dunes. Also the scenic flights that fly over the Skeleton Coast is a must!
vii) Where should anyone, travelling to Namibia/Botswana, definitely get their picture taken. In the Okavango Delta, overlooking the crystal clear channels Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park
viii) Which is the best place to get a panoramic photo? Makgadigadi Pans Fish River Canyon and the Namib Desert Dunes
ix) Best place to enjoy sunset/sunrise? Sunrise overlooking a savanna or floodplain with a hot chocolate and amarula in hand. Sunset without a doubt is best enjoyed either on a boat in the Okavango Delta/Chobe River, or on one of the many islands in the Okavango Delta. Sunrise from the top of a dune, and Sunset sitting on the beach as the sun sets over the Atlantic ocean (with a gin & tonic in hand)
x) Most romantic place to take a special someone to. Private bush dinner in the Okavango Delta! Request a private dinner when staying in Sossusvlei, either on a dune or in a fairy circle surrounded by lanterns
xi) Best place to have local food? Choice Restaurant in Maun is best for local cuisine. If you want to eat a lovely lunch, try Hilary’s Coffee Shop and for dinner we recommend Sports Bar or Thamalakani River Lodge The Tug Restaurant on the beach in Swakopmund has amazing food and is very popular amongst the locals! We also highly recommend Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek.
xii)Your favourite local dish and drink that you would recommend. If you can get your hands on Marula Beer made by the locals, this is amazing! Make sure you do not leave Botswana without trying Seswaa (ground goat or beef), Mopani Worms and Leboa (large fleshy mushrooms that grow on termite mounds during the rains) Namibia is well known for its locally brewed beers. On the food front, we recommend trying the German dishes, potjie-kos (stew made in cast-iron pot) as well as locally grown Calamata Olives and Oysters!
xiii) One place only the locals would know. If you boat from Maun into the Okavango Delta, there is amazing swimming and picnic spots along the Boro River Gaia is a natural spring in Damaraland. Nearby there is also a petrified forest to be seen. Very view guides know about these natural occurrences…
xiv)The best pub and best place to catch up for a drink.. River Lodge and Sports Bar in Maun Tiger Reef Beach Bar in Swakopmund
xv) A local festival you feel more travellers should come and see Rock Festival in December held in Maun Octoberfest (Beer fest) and WIKA (Windhoek Carnival) both held in Windhoek
xvi)The things guide books will not tell anyone about Namibia/Botswana? Botswana hosts the 2nd largest Zebra Migration starting in Northern parts of Botswana (Linyanti/Chobe) through to Savute Marsh/Mababe Depression at the start/before of the rainy season. They then move onto the Makgadikgadi Pans, and after the rains they head back North. Lions, Brown Hyena and Jackal can sometimes be seen strolling along the beaches of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. If you are up for a challenge, go in search of the desert-dwelling Elephants in the North-West of Namibia!
xvii) Is there any particular month you would not recommend travel to  Namibia/Botswana and what would that reason be? October is not a good month to travel to Botswana, it is incredibly hot! Very little vegetation protecting you from the harsh sun. November – February is very hot in Namibia. These months also receive rain which means wildlife in areas such as Etosha scatter
xix) In one sentence,  Namibia/Botswana is. Botswana is a serious adventure, the landscape goes from dry pans to floodplains, all hosting magnificent people to meet wildlife to see! Namibia will not fail to impress with its magical desert landscape paired with great culture

Meet Grant Oliver & Dimari Oliver:





Grant Oliver: Grant Oliver is the Botswana Expeditions and Under Canvas General Manager with &Beyond. In the past, Grant has played provincial Rugby in South Africa and Italy and is well known for his adventurous nature.

Dimari Oliver: Dimari Oliver is Botswana Expedition and Under Canvas Operations Manager with &Beyond. She is married to Grant with two little ones and is well known for executing all of Grant’s plans…