12 Days Road Tripping in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Culture Pursuit
  • Duration: 11 Nights 12 Days

‘Shangri-La is a mystical, harmonious valley’ or so goes the description in James Hilton’s 1993 novel, Lost Horizon. Hilton went on to describe a Garden of Eden on Earth: a land of milk and honey in a hidden Himalaya valley, where nobody grew old or ugly. Over the years, there’s been no shortage of contenders for the title of ‘Lost Shangri-La’ but now there’s a new kid on the block: Arunachal Pradesh”. The thunderous Himalayan peaks so little-known that few have been named, let alone climbed, plus jungles teeming with life forms that scientists are yet to catalog, delicately tattooed and pierced tribal peoples living in long houses in the forest, magnificent Buddhist Temples and a severe dose of near limitless adventure. Lonely planet’s top 4 regions in the world. Come explore this virginal land with The Wanderers on a 12-day journey. It’s essentially a lovely road trip to beautiful parts of Arunachal Pradesh, clients will be given a vehicle throughout and will do a set itinerary. It’s all about exploring small hamlets, visiting tribal homes, monasteries, climbing the rope way bridges and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area while they travel up and down the mountains and valleys.

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