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16 Days Trans Siberian Rail Journey

Duration: 15 Nights 16 Days

Come on board the Tsar’s Gold Train, a privately chartered train, as you snake from Moscow to Beijing via Lake Baikal and Mongolia. The Trans-Siberian Railway offers you the opportunity to see the real Russia beyond the cities. With a journey that covers almost a third of the Earth’s surface, witness the changing landscapes and the rich cultural diversity of the region. Travel aboard Tsar Gold Express, which is one of the oldest and most luxurious train on the route. Famous for its attentive service, opulent dining menu, spacious and comfortable compartments and facilities to cater to every need, it also offers unbeatable comfort, fulfilment and luxury at a great price. One of the last great travel accomplishments indeed!

What We Offer

  • “City of Lights” evening tour

    “City of Lights” tour shows you around the exquisitely illuminated Russian capital. You stroll across the famous Red Square with your travel director and take a short trip on the underground to view several of Moscow’s particularly beautiful metro stations.

  • Kazan Kremlin

    A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, it sports a wonderful panoramic view over the Volga. Here you can learn about the turbulent history of the relationship between the Tartars, the Cossacks, and the Russians.

  • Traditional Russian Welcoming ceremony

    In Novosibirsk, the heart of Siberia, you are welcomed in the traditional Russian fashion with bread and salt.

  • Tsar’s feast

    Served aboard the Trans Siberian, join the train chef for a vodka tasting accompanied by Russian snacks and clever toasts offering you a very enjoyable opportunity to combine pleasure and local hospitality.

  • Tsar Alexander III Memorial

    At Irkutsk, the capital of Eastern Siberia in tsarist times, you will commemorate the Trans Siberian centenary (happened in 2016) by visiting the meorial of Tsar Alexander III (the initiator of the Tran-Siberian Railway)

  • Picnic on the shores of Lake Baikal

    Embark your private train from Port Baikal and enjoy a scenic ride around the shores of the largest reservoir of non-frozen freshwater in the world, Lake Baikal. Top it off with a picnic dinner laid out by the shore. Pure bliss!

  • Local culture experience

    Witness the nomadic customs and culture of Mongolia. The nomadic herdsmen’s exotic settlements of tradition tents, horse herds, and scraggly yaks will leave you in awe! If requested, we can organise alternative lodging in a yurt in the beautiful landscape of the Mongolian Alps.

  • Siberian Wooden huts in Irkutsk

    Witness these 19th century Siberian wooden houses. These were built with Pine and Cedar clean logs. Usually, every house have five or six windows face the street.. The house is richly decorated with serous mostly of the Baroque style. Shutters are painted in blue and green.

  • Great Wall of China

    Visit the eighth wonder of the world which extends for more than 6000 km through the countryside. Complete your chinese experience by sampling the original world-renowned Peking Duck.

  • Mongolian Archery demonstration

    A small Mongolian archery demonstration is put on especially for you and you enjoy a picnic lunch served in these splendid surroundings.

Add More Experiences

  • On request, we can organise alternative lodging in a yurt in the beautiful landscape of the Mongolian Alps. This is a rare experience and a dream come true for nature lovers. Guests will see a fantastic clear and starry sky at night. Yurts have 2 beds with concrete/cement floor and a little wardrobe. Toilets and showers are in a separate building as well as a restaurant yurt.

  • Traditional Mongolian music and Dance Show In the evening guests have the unique chance to attend a performance of traditional Mongolian folk arts, including throat singing, horse-headed fiddle playing, national costumes, and dances

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