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Glamping in the Arctic

Duration: 9 Nights 10 Days

If wilderness and safari create a picture of dense foliage, a gurgling river, a packed jungle and expanses of savannah, then you will be in for a shock when you visit the wilderness of the Arctic. Situated at 74 degrees North, your week at this unique Canadian Arctic Wilderness Lodge and world-class beluga whale observation site will be a keepsake memory. Situated 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the lodge offers fully-guided opportunities for hiking, kayaking and exploring the Arctic Tundra in all-terrain vehicles. And everybody doesn't get to do this: conquering the back of beyond and the empire of remote desolation yet striking beauty abundant with polar wildlife! Observe muskox, polar bears plus more magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat while enjoying comfortable accommodations and superb food, all accessible within a short flight from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada.

What We Offer

  • Chartered Plane Return

    Set out for a flight of 1500 km from Yellowknife, Canada. In the four and a half hour of flight time, enjoy the aerial view of the Arctic and circle above the Cunnigham inlet where the beluga whales congregate. You'll board the same flight upon your return from Somerset Island.

  • ATV Drive 'n Ride

    You will receive a hands-on introduction to driving all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which are easy and fun to operate. You will ride them on several occasions, as the area is so remote that this is the best way to reach far away locations.

  • Hiking

    Take a short hike to the Cunningham River estuary to spot beluga whales frolicking in the shallow water only a few yards offshore.

  • Kayaking

    Paddle among icebergs, looking out for beluga whales as well as ring and bearded seals. Sightings of seabirds, including arctic terns and eider ducks, can be expected.

  • Whale Observation

    Cunningham River estuary is a beluga whale migration site and is unique the world over because of the density of the beluga population and its proximity to the lodge. You may even be able to see the whales while you stand on the river banks and be close enough to hear their calls. Guides will use hydrophones so you can also hear the whales’ underwater song.

  • Flatrock Falls

    Hike or travel by Mercedes Unimog (a multi purpose four-wheel-drive truck) to visit the Somerset Island canyons, formed as the result of shifting fault lines. Millions of fossils of prehistoric plants and animals are scattered around the ground.

  • Cape Anne Thule

    The Cape Anne Thule site is the largest in the area and includes the remains of 15 stone and bone houses. Polar bears can often be seen on the shoreline as they wander the coast, waiting for the ice to return.

  • Rafting

    Raft on the swift-flowing, crystal-clear water of the gentle rapids. The views are amazing and include steep canyon walls that at one point make an 180-degree turn.

Add More Experiences

  • Visit one of the most significant places in the history of Canadian Arctic exploration and a Canadian National historical site. Explore the island and it's stunning ice formations and untamed landscapes steeped in Arctic's history.

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