Insiders view on Tahiti”

The Wanderers in conversation with Rob Thompson

Everything the guide books or tourism websites won’t tell you about the place.

One little known fact/trivia that everyone should know about when travelling to Tahiti.

Tahiti is on the other side of the dateline from India and New Zealand, which technically means you will arrive before you depart. So try and leave on your birthday and you can celebrate it twice!!

What is a must buy when in Tahiti?

A Tahitian Black Pearl!
The most valuable black pearls in the world, they are heavily monitored for quality and retain their value overseas.

One take-away after a visit to Tahiti?

Your photos! There are always as good as the brochures, but still not as good as the real thing.

What is your advice to first time travellers?

Make sure you plan your connections well. Remember that French Polynesia comprises of 118 islands that cover an ocean area the size of Europe. You will need to fly to Bora Bora or any of the other islands you are going to.

One thing to definitely pack when travelling to Tahiti.. your swimsuit!

One activity anyone travelling to Tahiti should not miss.

Feeding the sharks and stingrays, with a picnic on a motu (little reef islet) – it is the only place in the Pacific and the rays are wonderful creatures!

Where should anyone, travelling to Tahiti, definitely get their picture taken..

In front of Mount Otemanu and the lagoon on Bora Bora. Also, from Point Belvedere up in the mountains of Moorea!

Which is the best place to get a panoramic photo of Tahiti?

Any of the hotels surrounding the lagoons of Bora Bora looking back at the vista of Mount Otemanu.

Best place to enjoy sunset/sunrise in Tahiti?

There are many places, but from any of the hotels on the west coast of Tahiti looking over moorea with the sun setting behind is an INCREDIBLE sight!

Most romantic place to take a special someone to..

The whole country!

Best place to have local food?

The Roulottes, which are caravans that pull up in the main port are of the capital city – Papeete.
Food vans that open up to numerous restaurants – local Tahiti, Italian, Vietnamese and many more.

Your favourite local dish and drink that you would recommend..

Poisson Cru – the local Raw fish in coconut milk. It is Amazing!

One place only the locals would know..

One of the best restaurants I have been to in the world – Le coco’s on Tahiti’s east coast.

The best bar and best place to catch up n a drink.
Hmmm, there are many. Make sure you go to Morrisons Bar in the main city of Papeete, Tahiti for a drink and a dance.

A local festival you feel more travellers should come and see

The FIFO each year in January is a festival of documentary films that have the Pacific as their main subject matter and is growing every year on the global film festival circuit.

Things guide books will not tell anyone about Tahiti?

It is not as expensive as you think.

Is there any particular month you wouldn’t recommend travel to Tahiti and what would that reason be?

Not at all, Tahiti is a year-round lagoon destination

In one sentence, Tahiti is.. Breathtaking

Robert Thompson has been representing the Islands of Tahiti for over 12 years now in various capacities, and in the New Zealand, Australian then Indian markets.  His time with Tahiti Tourism is directly related to his passion for the destination, from his first trip many years ago, where he immediately fell in love with the people, the landscape and the experience of what Tahiti actually is.  After over 100 trips in his career with them, he keeps looking forward to the next one!

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