Insiders view of Israel

The Wanderers in conversation with Madah Hassan

Everything the guide books or tourism websites won’t tell you about the place..

One little known fact/trivia that everyone should know about when travelling to ISRAEL?

It is the lowest point on earth – The Dead Sea and also the Holy Land of three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


What is a must buy when in ISRAEL?

Dead Sea products that contain ingredients that are healthy for the skin and souvenirs from Jerusalem.

One take-away after a visit to ISRAEL?

Israel takes you back thousands of years and into the future that has all the new and innovative technologies.

What is your advice to first time travelers?

Talk to the locals, they will be happy to assist.

One thing to definitely pack when travelling to ISRAEL

Pack your smile and your smartphone, you can also use travel apps as some of the cities have free Wi-Fi.

One activity anyone travelling to ISRAEL should not miss.

Floating on Dead Sea and to be covered with mud.

Where should anyone, travelling to ISRAEL, definitely get their picture taken?

Floating on the Dead Sea and one with the oldest city of Jerusalem in the background.

Which is the best place to get a panoramic photo?



Best place to enjoy sunset/sunrise?

Masada near the Dead Sea for sunrise and Tel Aviv beach for sunset.

Most romantic place to take a special someone to.

The Galilee area in the north

Best place to have local food?

Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, Carmel market in Tel-Aviv and flea market in Jaffa (Yafo).

Yafo Market

Your favorite local dish and drink that you would recommend.

The orange juice from the Israeli oranges and the Falafel and Hummus of Israel.

One place only the locals would know.

You will see the locals eating and drinking at all the small places in the markets

 The best pub and best place to catch up for a drink.

I can’t recommend one because you have plenty of them and can choose from depending on your mood.

At night the flea market in Jaffa turns into a gathering place for youngsters from that area to drink and dine and the bars in Dizengoff Blvd. is a place where Tel-Avivian meet to drink in the evening as well as at night.

In Jerusalem, people meet near Jaffa Blvd where most of the pubs and bars are placed.

 A local festival you feel more travellers should come and see

The Jazz festival in Eilat

The things guide books will not tell anyone about ISRAEL

It’s better to discover things on your own than to rely on guide books.

Tel Aviv: A sidewalk cafe

Is there any particular month you would not recommend travel to ISRAEL and what would that reason be?

You can travel to Israel any time of the year. Since, Israel is a very small country the temperatures vary from region- region. Like, it could be snowing in the north and at the same time people would be swimming in Eilat in the south.

In one sentence, ISRAEL is  Land of Creation. You will love it from the first Shalom (Hello in Hebrew).

I was appointed as Director of the Israel Government Tourist Office in India, which opened officially on May 1, 2013. This is the first time an official IGTO was operating in the country.

 I was born in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel, in a small village but have lived in many other places: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Natanya, Herzilya and more. I have been serving at the Head office of the Israel Ministry of Tourism since 2008, and have been supervising marketing programs for tourism to Israel from North and South America before moving to India. 

In the previous role I was working in the tourism product department and through my work there I have travelled all over the country (which is easy actually in such a tiny place) and have visited all small and tiny sites and attractions.



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