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Strength lies in differences,
not in similarities…

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Ourdoor Wilderness Learnings


(Outdoor Wilderness & Learnings)

From time to time, every team faces a few key challenges while aligning their productivity and achieving success together as an outcome. An external intervention at these times is what can bring the teams back into full throttle mode.

We, at The Wanderers, address pivotal team issues through very interesting activities as part of our OWL (Outdoor Learning & Development) Team Building programs. We've developed these programs after years of research & feedback from many HR heads and today, we believe we can partner with you & implement our programs to your spedicif needs.

Some key features of our programs are :

  • Intense planning and debriefing of the events so that lessons drawn from these programs can easily be transferred to the workplace.
  • These messages are culled from the participants, as we believe that the solutions lie in the collective wisdom of the group.
  • These prorgams are fun, engaging and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

OWL caters to all company challenges like

  • initiating stakeholders to embrace a company’s values and mission
  • reinforcing collaboration culture in teams
  • building alignment across teams
  • innovating, strategizing, adapting to changing environments.
  • Any other challenge your team may be facing

Clients who have benefitted from our outdoor experiential learning programs include Marico, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Microsoft, Bayer Crop Science, Tata Sky, Pepsico, Levi Strauss, CEAT, Axis MF, IDFC MF, Mondelez (formerly Cadbury), Max Bupa, UTV Action, Law & Kenneth & many more.


Our corporate training programs are not about just excitement generation, but about taking themes like team building to the next level though our well researched programs , like our signature 'Tsunami Rescue and Evacuation' program, which is a devoted 6-8 hour high energy program designed for team bonding. Virtual events and learning programs.

This is our forte and companies that have already experienced the same have given our program a '2 thumbs up'!

Learning in the Wild


Earthquake Rescue & Tsunami Evacuation Program(ERTEP)

A simulated exercise to bring out the key factors that make or break a team. This is one of our signature prorietary corporate offering in the outdoors.

It's a simulated exercise spread over almost 6-8 hours. Groups from 20 to 200 can participate in this activity. This program can be conducted anywhere - from beaches to mountains, desert terrain to jungles. It involves the groups, which are divided into smaller teams, to achieve the task of saving maximum lives in the time span given. A fast paced, highly interactive, though-provoking, energy-sapping team activity that brings out various aspects of team dynamics to the fore. We usually incorporate a couple of CSR activities into this programme to add to the complexity of this full day programme. The programme ends with a detailed debrief by our facilitators.

Trail of the Wanderers

Trail of the Wanderers

A treasure hunt with a twist.

This is our second signature offering. It is ideal for a company that wants to imbibe the important message of working in a team into a fun activity. It works best if integrated into a conference. This half-day or one-day event (depending on the time available and the geographical area covered) has all the intrigue and excitement of a complex treasure hunt but is far more challenging and physically demanding, requires team members to work as a strong unit to perform a range of activities and is spread over a large geographical area that covers many square kilometres and entails the use of various modes of transport. Given the fact that it can be done in locations as diverse as Istanbul, Rome and Udaipur, it is a unique concept that is thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.



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