Top 5 cities in Turkey

By Meenakshi Shankar

The Top Five Cities to head out to in Turkey

With its huge coastline dotted with quiet little coves and fishing villages, the gorgeous sunshine and a famously warm welcome, Turkey features in the Wanderers must-do destination.

VISITING Turkey should come with a warning: you visit once, you’ll visit the country thousand times. That’s the common effect on many first-timers whether they have come for sun, sand and sea or for a quick jaunt to Istanbul.

If you want to discover the ‘must head out to destinations’, this list is just for you.

1. Cappadocia

Whether it’s to marvel at the fairy chimneys made of volcanic rock, go white-water rafting in its rushing rivers, descend into the multi-storey underground cities (underground city of Kaymakli ) or squeeze into a hermit’s cave in an early Christian monastery, there is plenty in Cappadocia to sate the appetite of the curious wanderer.

And if getting high is your thing, hot air balloon rides have become legendary here as the views of the lunar-type landscape are like nothing one has seen before.

2. Kusadasi

Visit the incredible ancient city of Ephesus; hike upto the summit of Bulbul Mountain; marvel at the marble ruins of the pillars of the temple of Artemis – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, built over eight centuries ago – and more.

3. Istanbul

Haggle for carpets, tuck into Kavun dolmasi, kick back in a hamam and more in Istanbul which is a treat for every Wanderer. Take in the sights and sounds of the legendary waterway lined with historic villages, grand wooden mansions, imposing fortresses, and the Baroque summer palaces of the late Ottoman sultans. At the end of it, escape to Princes’ Islands – where you revel in the magic of Buyukada, the popular summer resort with sandy beaches and pinewood scenery.The Spice Market is a heady brew of fragrances: spices, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.And take our word – it is about the most exciting market shopping experience you can find anywhere in the world.

4. Antalya

Set on a crescent-shaped bay, Antalya is bounded by citrus groves, valleys and the gorgeous Taurus Mountains.Go on a walking tour tour through the winding streets of the old harbor quarter of Antalya. Explore the museum and let history come alive and speak its tales. Hike up to see nature’s curiosities, the eternal flame of Chimaera.Or you could simply head out to Aspendos , an ancient city dating to the fourth and fifth centuries B.C where the stunning and best-preserved ancient theater in Turkey beckons you to come and explore.

5. Ankara

The old world charm of the capital city captivates the Wanderer. The bold touches of the mystical east transports you to a bygone era – which comes alive whilst you walk through the city’s Citadel walls and explore the Roman Baths of Ankara. A treasure trove – explore the by lanes, the souks, the Mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey and more. With its history dating back to 3000 years, Ankara is a potpourri of the old and the new – a treat for the Wanderers.