Insiders View on Greece

By  Mary Menounou

One little known fact/trivia that everyone should know about when travelling to Greece?

Greece is a unique destination for travelers holding a population of 10,815,197. Apart from an incomparable combination of mountain and sea destination spots, more importantly Greece offers remarkable history, monuments, attractions and amazing night life giving every traveler a reason to visit and hold Greece in their hearts!

What is a must buy when in Greece?

Greek Olives and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

One take-away after a visit to Greece? 

Small or big ancient Greek civilization statuettes and fridge magnets which are sold as souvenirs.

 What is your advice to first time travelers?

To taste the rich Mediterranean cuisine and live the myth of Greece.

One thing to definitely pack when travelling to Greece?

Comfortable clothes.

One activity anyone travelling to GREECE should not miss.

 To swim in the crystal blue Greek Mediterranean Sea and to experience a traditional Greek night with “plate smashing”

Where should anyone, travelling to GREECE, definitely get their picture taken?

The most spectacular Archaeological site in Greece “Acropolis”; to visit the most scenic area “Delphi“ – the naval of the earth; and to walk on the still active Volcano of Santorini!

Which is the best place to get a panoramic photo?

The magical Caldera views captured only in Santorini.

Best place to enjoy sunset/sunrise?

The world famous sunset in Oia of Santorini.

Most romantic place to take a special someone to?

One of the most popular honeymooner’s destination in Greece, Santorini.

Best place to have local food?

Monastiraki and Plaka areas in the heart of Athens most famous for traditional Greek cuisine.

Your favorite local dish and drink that you would recommend?

Greek chicken souvlaki accompanied with traditional Greek beer or fresh seafood meze accompanied with local Greek ouzo.

One place only the locals would know?

Litochoro village, located at the foot of mount Olympus, the home of our ancient Gods!

 The best pub and best place to catch up for a drink?

We wouldn’t suggest just one pub as there are too many good ones, but the best three areas in the downtown area of Athens are Psiri, Kolonaki and Gazi for a fun evening/night out!

A local festival you feel more travelers should come and see?

The famous Greek carnival of Patras town which lasts for 2 whole days and includes mascaraed parades with singing, dancing and lots of drinking!

The things guide books will not tell anyone about Greece?

Religious and local cultural traditions that can only be found out on the spot whilst exploring!

Is there any particular month you would not recommend travel to Greece and what would that reason be?

Throughout the year, during all seasons, Greece has many places a traveler can visit which means there is no particular month Greece is not ideal for all!

In one sentence, GREECE is  a country of history, culture, beauty and hospitality….. and you don’t have to be Greek to love Greece…

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By  Mary Menounou

I was born in Athens but I spent 12 unforgettable years in Santorini island!

The unique colors and the magnificent landscape writing every day a new story…  a place to spoil yourself!