Get Antarctica off your Bucket list Now!

By Alifiya Calcuttawala

To go boldly where no man has gone before!
If you are a Trekkie then this statement probably brings the same shiver of anticipation and
excitement down your spine that it did all those many years ago watching Captain Kirk explore
new galaxies on TV.
To embark on your own personal adventure, both inwards and to the last truly unexplored
continent, Antarctica.

Where the land lies under many feet of ice, huge glacial mountains reach for the sky, penguins,
sea lions and whales cavort in the icy cold sea, untouched by commercial tourism, and without
busloads of tourists jabbering in every language known to man. Antarctica.
Head off on your own Columbus-like exploration, brave cold winds, sea swells and rubber
dinghies, to make landfall. Antarctica.

Explore long forgotten whaling houses, abandoned science camps watch the only place on
earth where the countries of the world work with everyone else, in a spirit of togetherness.
If adventure is your thing, you crave solitude and enjoy the journey just as much as the
destination then Antarctica should have been on your bucket list.

But it is now time to take it off the list and move to experience the adventure of a lifetime.
This physically demanding trip requires a higher level of fitness than your usual run of the mill
cruise or holiday. Drills to help you in emergencies form part of your daily routine.
Unpredictable wind conditions coupled with the icy cold seas make it more of an extreme
adrenaline pumping adventure than a pleasure cruise. Physically demanding conditions,
temperatures below freezing, choppy and stormy seas just add to the allure of the journey.

The Antarctica adventure begins from the minute you board the ship. The icebreaker ship,
will be your home for the whole trip, making excursions aboard the all-weather Zodiac
to the last unexplored continent. Evenings will be spent learning more about the place you’re about to visit, watching movies, documentaries and listening to biologists share their knowledge with you!
Starting your journey through the scenic Beagle Channel, heading for the open South Atlantic
Ocean. You will cross the Tierra del Fuego or the Land of Fire before heading South on your
way to Antarctica.

Going through the Drake Passage, the South Shetland Islands come into view, moving between
Greenwich and Livingstone islands through Macfarlane Strait, landing on Half Moon Island
where the Argentinian Camara station is located, marking your first step on Antarctica!

Be prepared to be surprised by the Gentoo penguins and their babies, and fur seals
That will be the first of three or four landings across the whole trip. Imagine that! Going into
territories that were available only to explorers of old, men and women who took adventure to
the next level, with belief in their hearts, charting their course with the help of the stars to lands
they only saw with their eyes closed.

The whole idea of knocking this off your bucket list early is basically to make this entire trip
when you are resilient to deal with the vagaries of the weather, strong enough to acclimatise to
the biting cold and have enough chutzpah to give your friends FOMO.
The trip is said to be soul changing, and puts you in touch with yourself. If that is true, and it is,
wouldn’t you benefit from life changing experiences earlier in the day rather than later?
Finally, let’s face facts, if you don’t experience this fantastic journey now, then when…
because ultimately You Only Live Once!!

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Trailing the Northern Lights in Lapland!

We started our journey in beautiful Tromso (one of Norway’s Northernmost cities and a great place to spot the Aurora). Although we had no luck with the Lights here, we did manage a beautiful cruise on the harbour. Their hunt for the lights took us onto a fantastic overnight cruise through the Norweigan Fjords, where we were rewarded with some unique scenery but we had no luck with the Northern lights again..

Disembarking the next morning at Honnigsvag, off we went for a rather adventurous and bumpy boat ride,  to the island of Gjesværstappan – one of the largest bird nesting areas in Norway; this was preceded by a fantastic excursion to the Nordkapp (the North Cape – arguably the Northern most tip of Europe) and finally, quite when we were not expecting we witnessed the Northern Lights!! 

So after 4 days of waiting and watching we were lucky to get the sight of sheer beauty! Needless to say, we are thrilled.

Our story continues as we are still enjoying the many wonders that Lapland offers… we have now spent a couple of days relaxing  in a beautiful little resort on a lake in the Finnish wilderness, walked with the huskies, a couple more excursions to see the lights, learning a bit about the local Sami culture, we enjoyed the brilliant hospitality of our hosts. We are taking in the stunning Finnish autumn.  All this and we still have a more days to go and a lot more experiences in store..we will keep you posted!

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An account of a journey one of our client took to Lapland in October 2013, accompanied by a great local guide adding to the experience.