Insiders View on Antarctica

By Ute Hohn-Bowen

What makes Antarctica a good travel destination?

Antarctica is the last unspoilt, pristine continent and you will encounter amazing landscape and abundant wildlife.

Tell us something that every traveller should know when travelling to Antarctica?

You can only travel between November and March.

What is the Antarctic landscape like?

Antarctica, on average, is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents. More than 98% of Antarctica is covered with ice. The land is covered with ice and snow but it is also incredibly colourful; the whites, blues and greens of the ice and colours in plants and wildlife. Only cold-adapted organisms survive in Antarctica, including many types of algae, animals, bacteria, fungi and plants.

Which are the most surreal sights to visit when in Antarctica?

Antarctica has been described as “hauntingly beautiful” – from glistening inlets and floating ice sculptures to natural hot springs – it is simply stunning. Long days in December create longer daylight hours and photographs can be taken at midnight!

Which is the most aspiring experience one has when on a cruise to Antarctica?

Our cruises to Antarctica operate during the austral summer, early November to late March and all the different months have unique characteristics.

November is the courting season for penguins and seabirds and the spring ice is breaking up, creating beautiful sculptured shapes.

In December and January, the first seal pups and penguin chicks are born, whales are starting to appear more frequently, and the days are at their longest.

By February and March whale sighting is at its best and the penguin chicks are beginning to fledge, building up their strength for the long winter ahead.

 How to prepare for a perfect voyage to Antarctica?

Arrive in Ushuaia a day or two early so that you do not miss embarkation and familiarise yourself with IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) visitor guidelines in order to continue the protection of Antarctica and it’s wildlife.

Any non-clothing essentials that one needs to carry when they travel to Antarctica?

A camera! You will undoubtedly want to capture some of the amazing sights you see and wildlife you encounter.

The things guidebooks will not tell anyone about Antarctica.

If you were to work in Antarctica during winter, you would have to get your wisdom teeth and your appendix removed beforehand!

According to you what is the best thing about Antarctica?

The whole package – pristine landscapes, stunning wildlife and incredible history.

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Insiders View on Courchevel

By Veronique Beulz

Nestled between sky and mountain, Courchevel is a fairy village where luxury and tradition merge. Three Valleys – the largest ski area in the world, offering more than 600 km of ski slopes. An exceptional destination where diversity, enjoyment of skiing and emotion will delight skiers of all levels. The glitziest of the French Alpine, Michelin-starred restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, Courchevel today is a cosmopolitan destination attracting a jet-set crowd.

What makes Courchevel a good travel destination?

Courchevel is a ski destination for everybody, whether it’s a skiing expert or a beginners, shopping lovers, nightlife, and gastronomy

Tell us something that every traveler should know when travelling to Courchevel?

You will see the biggest ski area in the world, the biggest concentration of luxury accommodation, shops and gastronomic restaurants in France.

Which are the most surreal places to visit when in Courchevel?

One must visit place is La Saulire, the highest point of Courchevel.

Can you tell us a little about the life of the locals?

Most of the locals live in Courchevel all the year, 2000 habitants most of them have two jobs, for example ski instructor during the winter and some other job during summer time.

Where should one go to get the best of the Nightlife in Courchevel?

La Mangeoire and l’Aventure, restaurant and after midnight client dance on the tables. During the lunch Nammos, Cap Horn, Folie Douce and Chalet de Pierre to dance on the snow.

What are things which one must buy when in Courchevel?

Genepi (strong liquor) off course cheese like Le Beaufort or Reblochon.

Which are the most romantic places to visit in Courchevel?

Lunch in mountain restaurants with the view of Mont Blanc around the fireplace.

What are the local festivals which one must visit when in Courchevel?

Christmas and New Year for the lights in the village and February for the fireworks festival

 The things guidebooks will not tell anyone about Courchevel?

Nice local restaurant in the old village of Le Praz: Restaurant Le Bistrot du Praz very nice food and nice village.

According to you what is the best thing about Courchevel?

The ski area is just amazing with a lot of fun and activities for everybody.



By Veronique Beulz, 37yrs
Director of Sales Les Neiges


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