Movies to watch while traveling

The motocycle diaries
Movie: The Motorcycle Diaries –

There are films that inspire you to travel and live the essence of a destination that you see and stir you to experience yourself. And as travel-addicts, those are the kinds of films we’re all about. Whether its ‘The motorcycle diaries’ which sets the mood of South Americas’ open roads,¬† ‘Into the Wild’ which inspires you to trek to Alaska, Healy..’Seven years in Tibet’¬†transporting you to those lovely snow-covered mountains, ‘The Beach’ that makes you want to go on a solo trip to paradise island…its all about transporting yourself to the world you see in films and you long to discover!

One thought on “Movies to watch while traveling”

  1. das wilde leben (german movie)
    the beach
    motocycle diaries
    into the wild
    7 years in tibet
    As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me
    beyond borders
    blood diamond
    lord of war

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