Insider’s View on Rwanda

By Muyindo 

What makes Rwanda a good travel destination?

Rwanda has a rich history and culture that makes it a good travel destination coupled with very good securing

Tell us something that every traveller should know when travelling to Rwanda?

Rwanda is an all year Rwanda destination, no time is better than the other.

Any essentials that one needs to carry when they travelling to Rwanda?

Rwanda is warm – sometimes hot but often cold in the hilly and mountainous areas. Layered clothing, a rain jacket, heavy sweater and boots are essential for higher altitude stays

Can you tell us a little about the life of the locals in Rwanda?

Everything in this country has changed. People own businesses, and the majority here are tea farmers. At least everyone has income. There’s peace, and neighbors now love each other.” the regeneration of the Rwandan economy and the normality that has returned to everyday life is nothing short of remarkable given how deep were the rifts inflicted on the social fabric here.

What are the local delicacies/drinks which one must try and wherein Rwanda?

• Brochettes-Meat on a stick!
• Fish being a landlocked country, Rwanda isn’t really stockpiled with fish but, being close to Lake Kivu and Lake Victoria, some fish finds its way here.
• Michopo
• Akabenz It’s a pork dish that you’ll find in a lot of local places around town but mostly in Remera
• Nyama Choma… is roasted meat in general or if it refers specifically to roasted goat meat.

Where can one get vegetarian food in Rwanda?

Heaven Restaurant and boutique hotel
Brochette restaurant
Khana Khazana restaurant

Q What is a must try dish in Rwanda?
Ugali (or bugali) is a paste made from maize and water, to form a porridge-like consistency that is eaten throughout East Africa. Isombe is made from mashed cassava leaves and served with dried fish.

Q Can you please list the top 3 Indian restaurants in Rwanda
• Khana khazanA Resturant
• Zen Resturant
• Soko Resturant

Q Where should one go to get the best of the Nightlife in Rwanda?
• Black and White Club

Q Best clubs to visit in Rwanda?
Black and White Club
• Club Next
K club
Legacy Lounge

Q What are things which one must buy when in Rwanda?
• Imigongo Paintings
• Clothes and Fabric
• Books
• Baskets
• Art

Q Which is the most romantic places to visit in Rwanda?
• Bisate lodge in Musanze

Q What are the local festivals which one must visit when in Rwanda?
• Kwita Izina (Gorilla Naming Ceremony)

Q The things guidebooks will not tell anyone about?
• Rwanda is the tiny heart of Africa

Q According to you what is the best thing about Rwanda is?
Rwanda is one of the Safest Countries in the World

Q How can one spend 3 days in Rwanda?
• Gorilla tracking
• Visit the genocide memorial
• Cultural visits

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Insiders View on Galapagos Islands

By Charles Cumella

What makes Galapagos Islands a good travel destination?

Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of 19 islands. It is a spectacular paradise of sight, sound, and activity. Each island offers something special, from plush white sands to exotic birds to deep lava tunnels. It is marvelous.
There’s an other-worldliness about these islands. It’s the unofficial animal kingdom of South America, and its placidity is challenged only by the peculiar call of the blue-footed booby, the screech of a hawk, or the crashing waves as sea lions cut through shimmering azure waters. The Galapagos Islands capture a unique melange of native and modern, and there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Any essentials that one needs to carry when they are travelling to the Galapagos Islands?

Passengers should always carry a camera, sunblock, sunglasses, low boots are always essential while doing the hikes around the islands, and of course, the disposition to explore and have a great time.

Which are the most surreal places to visit when in Galapagos Islands?

The most surreal places to visit on the islands would have to be: • Española Island: This island is located on the south-eastern part of the archipelago. It has an overwhelming amount of wildlife, such as the Waved Albatross and a large group of Galapagos tortoises, which represent a success story for the conservation efforts on the islands. It also has a beautiful coastline lined with amazing cliffs.

• Fernandina Island: One of the newest islands in the archipelago, it is located on the Western side of Isabela. It is also the most volcanically active island and has amazing volcanic landscapes that will impress even the most experienced travellers. This island is also home to a large colony of Galapagos penguin and has a special sub-species of Marine Iguana which does not reside at low elevations.

• Genovesa Island: This one of the Northernmost islands, and is also referred to as the “Bird Island” due to its great variety of bird species, including the Nazca, Red Footed and Blue Footed Boobie, Great Frigatebirds, among others; all in all, a birder’s paradise.

Can you tell us a little about the life of the locals?

Local life on the islands is a relaxing one, human beings always interacting with the wildlife that surrounds them has made up a different dynamic; people and animals coexisting greatly on the archipelago. The lifeblood of the islands, of course, is fishing, this can only be done in specific areas, and the islands have some of the best fresh fish in the world!

What are the local delicacies/drinks which one must try and where in Galapagos Islands?

Galapagos always has a wide array of seafood, fish, lobster, etc. But there is one specific restaurant that uses only local ingredients for their meals, and this is the ANKER restaurant. They like to understand the ecosystem, local community and the products from the island to develop their culinary experience. They invite you to experience and taste Galápagos through their tasting menu.


Where should one go to get the best of the night life in Galapagos Islands?

The best nightlife on the islands must be in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz, It may not be the capital city of the islands (the capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal), but it has the highest density of young people and restaurants and bars to accommodate anyone.

What are things which one must buy when in Galapagos Islands?

Like in every city in Ecuador, there are many artisans and they dedicate their lives to making handicrafts and trinkets that will make for great souvenirs. There are also many articles of clothing that will help tell everyone back home that you were on the enchanted islands.

Which is the most romantic places to visit in the Galapagos Islands?

The most romantic spots on the islands are:
• Las Grietas, volcanic crevices formed millions of years ago, that has a beautiful panoramic view of Academy Bay.
• Concha Perla, located on Isabela, it is a beautiful turquoise portion of water where many people do snorkelling, but you can also enjoy a romantic walk through a path surrounded by trees.
• Alemanes beach, located on Santa Cruz, very close to Puerto Ayora. It is a secluded beach that has a beautiful view of the bay at sunset, perfect for picnics.

What are the local festivals which one must visit when in Galapagos Islands?

One of the most frequent events on the Galapagos Islands happens in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz. Every Friday at Pelican Bay there is a cultural festival with local food and typical dance shows. Since Galapagos inhabitants are from all over Ecuador, the food, music and dance represent a mixture of the traditions present across the country.
On Sundays, a traditional barbecue is offered at the Guayabillos farm in the Highlands of Santa Cruz. Every local will recommend this place for Sunday’s lunch.

Now, there’s a festival that only happens between the last two weeks of November in Santa Cruz, the Santa Rosa’s Festival in which a local queen is chosen to represent the small town in the Highlands of Santa Cruz. During this festivity, you can find all sorts of local food and also toreros. This election is very important because the selected queen will be competing against the other small town queens of Santa Cruz in February during the island’s queen election that happens during Carnival.

The things guidebooks will not tell anyone about the Galapagos Islands?

Life on the Galapagos is very distinct to anywhere else on the planet, the people there love the islands and are very focused on keeping everything as pristine as possible and live their life as pleasantly as possible.

According to you what is the best thing about the Galapagos Islands?

The best thing on the Galapagos is the rest and relaxation you can have while exploring fantastic locales and appreciating nature in a way that isn’t possible anywhere else in the world.

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An Insiders view on Amazon, Ecuador

By Charles Cumella 

Ecuador is an amazing place, full of natural and man-made wonders. Ecuador has some of the most unique landscapes in the world, including the Highland region (Sierra), the Coastal region (Costa), and the Galapagos. But there’s no way to forget the Amazon region (Amazonia), and its enormous amount of fauna and flora. There are a few national parks and protected areas in Ecuador’s Amazon region, including the Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve, the Yasuni National Park, and the Limoncocha Biological Reserve. There are 2 species of animals discovered every day in the Ecuadorian Amazon, this demonstrates that Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world!

What makes Amazon in Ecuador a good travel destination?  

The Amazon is an amazing travel destination because of all of the flora and fauna that can be found there, the passengers will be amazed of everything they can see; from 10-foot snakes to dolphins in the middle of a river.

Tell us something that every traveller should know when travelling to the Amazon?

Every  person that travels to the Ecuadorian Amazon should know that they are in for a huge surprise with everything they’ll see, and that they’ll have one of the most relaxing and impacting trips of their lives.

Any essentials that one needs to carry when they travelling to Amazon?

Insect repellent, sun block, sunglasses, light clothing and water resistant ponchos are all indispensable things to have with you in the Amazon. Also indispensable, is the desire to learn about the ecosystem and communities that call this place home.

Which are the most surreal places to visit when in Amazon?

The Cuyabeno is one of the most surreal places to visit in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It has the highest amount of flora and fauna in the Ecuadorian Amazon, having 12.000 species of plants, and 320 species of animals. It’s a wildlife lover’s dream!

Can you tell us a little about the life of the locals?

The local communities that call the Ecuadorian Amazon home are very diverse, some like the Siona community in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, are very used to visitors and even welcome tourists to partake in their daily lives. Others, like the Taromenani tribe located in the Yasuni National Park, do not welcome visitors and are very violent. The communities are very different and very comfortable living out of our “normal” society.

What are the local delicacies/drinks which one must try and where Amazon?                                

The Ecuadorian Amazon has many strange local delicacies, one of the most polarizing ones is the Chontacuro grubs, these are large insect larvae that live in trees, these are then grilled and served. The “chicha de jora” is a drink you will most likely find in the Amazon, it is a fermented corn flour drink that the locals drink like fruit juice, but once it is sufficiently fermented, it becomes an alcoholic beverage.
Yucca is a type of root vegetable used as a base in almost every local food and is grown everywhere in the area.

What are things which one must buy when in Amazon?

The best things to buy in the Amazon are souvenirs, supporting the local communities, such as things made with Tagua, a special seed used for manufacturing jewelry and others.

Which are the most romantic places to visit in Amazon?

Cuyabeno is the most romantic place in the Amazon, it has white and black water lakes which is an amazing place to enjoy a beautiful sunset with your loved one.

What are the local festivals which one must visit when in Amazon?

In Archidona, there is the festival of Chonta, which is a tradition in order to celebrate the region’s success over the invading Spanish forces. This is held during April.

The things guidebooks will not tell anyone about Amazon?

Sadly, there is a lot of oil exploitation in the Ecuadorian Amazon region. This is something that may not be in many guidebooks but it is also a necessary insight into local life in the area.

According to you what is the best thing about Amazon?

For me, the best thing in the Amazon is the huge amount of wildlife and the rest and relaxation you can have while there. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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Top 10 Travel Gift Ideas

By Surabhi Manjrekar

The Christmas holidays are creeping up, and there’s barely any time left.

Wondering what to gift to your loved ones..

Flowers, Sweets, Maybe a bottle of Champagne?
That was easy wasn’t it? But what if that person is someone who values travel over luxury..?
What are some good gift ideas for travelers? It’s a common question that everyone gets lost with.
 Fret not my friend we have got you covered.
Since it’s clear that traveler get them something that will make their experience better — by making things easier, more fun or really just upping the awesome factor.

Here is a list of 10 Awesome things you could gift your travel enthusiast friends, family member or anyone who loves to travel.

1. Scratch Map World

We travelers love to mark off where we’ve been and plan where we want to go next. These scratch-off travel maps make it easy to see exactly which countries we’ve visited by having brightly colored countries appear where we’ve scratched off. For years this has been a popular gift with many travelers and thankfully there are a number of different options.

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2. Bag Organizer Packing Cubes for Travel

For some, packing a suitcase is an art form. For others, an essential part of routine travel plans. Either way, the Amazon Basics packing cubes help keep your belongings neatly stored and conveniently organized. Best of all, the fabric containers protect garments against wrinkles, reducing the need to iron once you arrive at your final destination.

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3. Wanderlust Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow

What kind of experience can it bring to you? This premium neck pillow is an exquisitely niche product made for those on the go, so if you are planning a trip that includes traveling by car, bus, plane or train, or you are considering to have a pillow for your afternoon nap at work, your search for the best pillow is over.

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4. Travel Swiss Knife


This multipurpose compact tool is considered as the base full length Swiss Army Knife, and has been one of the bestsellers among the “Swiss Army Knives”. The tool incorporates a feature-set of 12 functions, catering

many day to day utilities to the active outdoors person

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5.  Travel Sleep Mask

This Blind Fold and Sleep Mask is soft and comfortable. It is made up of mulberry silk. It helps you get a complete and peaceful sleep and also helps while meditating.. Its a perfect travel gift.

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6.  World Tapestry

Get this stylish world map tapestry which you can hang in your room or any other place. It will always remind you of your travel memories.

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7. Multipurpose cable holder organizer

This cable organizer will assist you to sort out and arrange all your jumbled up cables in an elegant manner. Since this cable winder is fabulously lightweight, you can take it along with you whenever you are travelling. They are easy to use and have a long shelf life

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8. Dry Bag Sack 

Ocean Pack dry tube bag is good for storing your dry gears when the outside is wet. It’s 100% Waterproof Ocean Pack for wading,drifting,swimming,outdoor traveling. Bigger Space: you could put all your small items like phone, cash, tissue, keys, watch, etc, inside it.Suitable for hiking, camping, rafting, sailing and any other outdoor activities.

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9. Travel Journal 

Travel journals are a place where you can write about trips you have taken, what you learned during and the experiences you had. It is a collection of adventures, stories, memories and discovery.  It doesn’t matter where you’re going or who you’re traveling with, an online trip journal can come anywhere.

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10. World Map Pendant

The perfect necklace to project your globetrotter experience of a traveller! It has an intricate cutout map available in golden and silver colour

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Insiders View on Courchevel

By Veronique Beulz

Nestled between sky and mountain, Courchevel is a fairy village where luxury and tradition merge. Three Valleys – the largest ski area in the world, offering more than 600 km of ski slopes. An exceptional destination where diversity, enjoyment of skiing and emotion will delight skiers of all levels. The glitziest of the French Alpine, Michelin-starred restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, Courchevel today is a cosmopolitan destination attracting a jet-set crowd.

What makes Courchevel a good travel destination?

Courchevel is a ski destination for everybody, whether it’s a skiing expert or a beginners, shopping lovers, nightlife, and gastronomy

Tell us something that every traveler should know when travelling to Courchevel?

You will see the biggest ski area in the world, the biggest concentration of luxury accommodation, shops and gastronomic restaurants in France.

Which are the most surreal places to visit when in Courchevel?

One must visit place is La Saulire, the highest point of Courchevel.

Can you tell us a little about the life of the locals?

Most of the locals live in Courchevel all the year, 2000 habitants most of them have two jobs, for example ski instructor during the winter and some other job during summer time.

Where should one go to get the best of the Nightlife in Courchevel?

La Mangeoire and l’Aventure, restaurant and after midnight client dance on the tables. During the lunch Nammos, Cap Horn, Folie Douce and Chalet de Pierre to dance on the snow.

What are things which one must buy when in Courchevel?

Genepi (strong liquor) off course cheese like Le Beaufort or Reblochon.

Which are the most romantic places to visit in Courchevel?

Lunch in mountain restaurants with the view of Mont Blanc around the fireplace.

What are the local festivals which one must visit when in Courchevel?

Christmas and New Year for the lights in the village and February for the fireworks festival

 The things guidebooks will not tell anyone about Courchevel?

Nice local restaurant in the old village of Le Praz: Restaurant Le Bistrot du Praz very nice food and nice village.

According to you what is the best thing about Courchevel?

The ski area is just amazing with a lot of fun and activities for everybody.



By Veronique Beulz, 37yrs
Director of Sales Les Neiges


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What you ski is what you get

By Srinivas Krishnan

There are ski resorts and there is Courchevel. It’s where the jet-set from around the world hang out when they want the unique adrenaline rush of skiing. Stunningly beautiful and blessed with the finest of ski pistes on the planet today, Courchevel is a luxury destination that’s a cut above the rest. Literally, at 1,850 metres above mean sea level. Located in the French Alps, with the iconic Mont Blanc looming majestically, here’s where the A-listers of the world land up during winter, after working on their suntans at the posh Saint Tropez on the French Riviera during summer! It has one of the highest densities of Michelin-starred restaurants in France, after Paris and the Riviera. Amazingly, for a destination like this, Courchevel did not even exist as a winter resort till as late as the 1940s…

Winter Wonderland

Courchevel was a simple area with small villages populated by sheep farmers. In 1942, the French Tourism department decided to develop it as a ski destination, taking advantage of its high altitude, magnificent landscape and the quality of the snow. Eventually, with access to a small airport, and luxurious hotels and chalets, it metamorphosed into a winter destination for the rich and famous from Paris.

What made it unique as a ski resort was the way it was developed: giving access to the skiers to ski runs directly from the accommodation, a concept called ski-in/ski-out. Of course, there had to be more than just skiing to keep the visitors happy, and that was a convergence point for the ski runs where visitors could relax, hang out, enjoy, meet others and have a ball. It also helped that the ski runs were professionally and immaculately groomed so that everyone – from beginners to experts – could enjoy skiing, in safety. The sophisticated ski lift system which links all areas has been engineered in such a way that there are hardly any queues to get on them.

Courchevel accounts for one-third of the Three Valleys, the world’s biggest ski area. It has a wide choice of pistes (which is the formal word for a ski run formed by compacted snow) for skiers of different skills, as much as 600 kilometres. But the geography of this place is unique. Courchevel is essentially five main villages that are linked by lifts and free shuttles: La Tania (built for the 1992 Winter Olympics), Courchevel Le Praz at 1,350m altitude has a rustic Alpine village charm, Courchevel Village at 1,550m offers affordable accommodation, Courchevel Moriond at 1,650m offers a lively après-ski environment (post-ski entertainment and social activities, essentially, partying!) and finally, Courchevel itself, at 1,850m.

Courchevel 1850 is the most affluent part of this area, where most of the palace and luxury hotels and chalets are located. And here’s where you would spot celebrities like pop stars, royalty, sports people and of course, film stars… and yourself!

Ski for yourself

The Wanderers have put together a Courchevel plan that will have you hobnobbing with the jet-set, skiing under the care of expert instructors and living it up in one of the newest hotels in this place. You land at the Geneva airport from where you are whisked in great comfort in a luxurious Mercedes-Benz to Courchevel – a journey that takes you inside of three hours, going through the beautiful Alpine landscape. The stay is in one of the newest properties here, the Barrière Les Neiges boutique hotel. It may be new, but it was originally the first luxury hotel in Courchevel – now revamped inside out. The location is also terrific – right on the Bellecôte slope, where you can slide down to the ski lifts from the ski room or from the warm outdoor terrace.

Even if you don’t know how to ski, you can take the optional ski lessons privately or in a group, and you are good to go. Courchevel is blessed with great ski pistes that will ensure you will have enjoyable hours of skiing and relishing the experience of the landscape blurring on both sides as you slide down, surprising yourself with your pace. You will completely be immersed in the unique adrenaline rush of skiing and wonder how time literally flies downhill! There are other activities too, like going on a relaxing dog-sledge ride, shopping, eating out at Michelin star restaurants or people-spotting at the swanky bars. You can also visit the Savoie region of France which has a pristine mountain lake awaiting you. This region has some of the most spectacular views of the Alps, and is famous for its different type of cheese: Beaufort, Tomme, Reblochon and Raclette. You also have the option of taking a flight over the Alps to get a bird’s eye view of this magnificent landscape.And then, of course, there is the hotel. You can rejuvenate yourself at the Spa Diane Barrière – a vast, well-appointed place offering Biologique Recherche facials, St Barth body treatments and a massive swimming pool. The philosophy behind this boutique hotel is that it is a mountain retreat with all modern amenities and luxury appointments.
After hours and hours of skiing in the world’s finest ski area, you deserve it, don’t you?

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