An Insiders View on Kenya

By Renuka Natu    What makes Kenya a good travel destination? The promise and guarantee of spotting the wild animals all year round. Top 3 things that every traveller must know about Safari experience in Kenya? • When you observe the behaviour of the animals in their habitat, you can’t miss the uncanny semblance they have […]

Flame And Fortune (Welcome to part 2)

Caucasus and effect The strong Azerbaijan relationship with fire seems to have some mythological connections as well. According to Greek legend, the Caucasus (they called it Kaukasos) was considered one of the pillars supporting the world. It seems that Prometheus was chained here and his liver was eaten daily by an eagle – this was […]

Virtual Explorations… Discover Now, Travel Later

Upcoming travel plans at a stand still for the foreseeable future…do not despair … the internet has thrown up a cornucopia of virtual tours of museums, national parks, zoos and other virtual experiences of fantastic vistas around the world. From the comfort of your homes these will help satisfy your wanderlust and inspire you to […]

The World is #OpeningUp to travel again !

The Covid pandemic turned the world inside out in an unprecedented way and the travel & tourism sector has been one of the worst hit. However the last few weeks have seen parts of the world cautiously taking steps to opening up again in an endeavour to start building their travel & tourism industry. This […]

What Will The Future Of Travel Be Like ? (Winning Entries)

The results are in !!! Congratulations Shaista and Aalam  -the winners of our story contest !! Your stories were fantastic and futuristic and  had us packing our bags for an  out of this world holiday !! A huge thank you to all our contestants , we really appreciate everyone writing in with such amazing super […]

What Will The Future Of Travel Be Like ? (Short listed Stories)

  A huge thank you to ALL our contestants , we really appreciate everyone writing in with such amazing super ideas for our Contest! Here are your stories on what the future holds…….     1. Garav Bachhawat story – Future of Travel   Homo sapiens have ever since been surrounded by disruptions. Earlier, the perception […]

The World is #OpeningUp to travel again ! (Part 2)

  Following these unprecedented times, as phased reopenings are happening across the world, we look to the future with optimism as we all work towards the new normal in our lives. We are pleased to share with you some positive travel news from around the globe. COUNTRY UPDATES: European Union  recommends lifting travel restrictions on […]

India is #OpeningUp to travel again !

The Covid pandemic turned the world inside out in an unprecedented way and the travel & tourism sector has been one of the worst hit. In India we are beginning to see a light at the end of this turbulence with several states cautiously opening their doors to tourists from out of state. Hotels, sightseeing […]

International Air Travel steadily opens up

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo Da Vinci As international air travel steadily opens up , rules and regulations for health and safety are constantly being put into place by […]

An Insider View on Reunion Island

  By Stephane Bonneau Intensely exotic, lunar landscape of the volcano with lush circuses, grandiose, vibrant, rejuvenating and preserved; Reunion Island amazes with its majestic landscapes, its authentic culture, its unique living together and its cuisine with mixed flavors as fragrant as the local vanilla…! Its one of those unique island in the world where […]

An Insiders View on Morocco

By Nora Aghmane What makes Morocco an ideal travel destination for all? Morocco is a wonderful change of scenery for those who want to experience something truly unique. Situated on the northwest corner of Africa, Morocco boasts stunningly beautiful landscapes including the cool blues of the Mediterranean and the warm sands of the Sahara Desert, the high […]

Wellness amidst luxury in the Caucasus Mountains

By Dr Parveen Kanda In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, finding time to unwind and prioritize self-care has become more important than ever. Wellness retreats offer a sanctuary for individuals seeking to escape the daily grind and reconnect with their inner selves. Last week, I got the unique opportunity to experience the […]

Insider’s view on visiting Sweden

By Gerlinde Anderberg Outdoors in Swedish Lapland What makes Sweden an ideal travel destination for all?The beautiful nature, the fresh air, the accessibility, the great food, the wide range of historical places, cultural and architectural highlights, the emphasis on equality and innovation. Tell us something that every traveller should know when traveling to Sweden?Take your […]

Insiders View on Courchevel

By Veronique Beulz Nestled between sky and mountain, Courchevel is a fairy village where luxury and tradition merge. Three Valleys – the largest ski area in the world, offering more than 600 km of ski slopes. An exceptional destination where diversity, enjoyment of skiing and emotion will delight skiers of all levels. The glitziest of the […]

Top 10 Travel Gift Ideas

By Surabhi Manjrekar The Christmas holidays are creeping up, and there’s barely any time left. Wondering what to gift to your loved ones.. Flowers, Sweets, Maybe a bottle of Champagne? That was easy wasn’t it? But what if that person is someone who values travel over luxury..? What are some good gift ideas for travelers? It’s […]

An Insiders view on Amazon, Ecuador

By Charles Cumella  Ecuador is an amazing place, full of natural and man-made wonders. Ecuador has some of the most unique landscapes in the world, including the Highland region (Sierra), the Coastal region (Costa), and the Galapagos. But there’s no way to forget the Amazon region (Amazonia), and its enormous amount of fauna and flora. […]

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