Mongolia – Heaven on Earth

 by Sonashree Roy 

Mongolia was nothing short of ‘Heaven on Earth’ for me or may be the closest replica on the face of Earth. I had the privilege of visiting this Virgin, untouched, unexplored country this summer, which has somehow managed to keep itself alien to the travel loving Indian.

It is here that I first saw a complete semi circle of a rainbow and experienced the thrill of unobstructed view of flat land, for as far as the eyes could see. At any given point of time, in the countryside, you can see at least four different colours of nature, bright and in great contrast. For miles and miles, you will not come across another soul and still you somehow end up enjoying the solitude from civilization and the return to the Cradle of Nature. Mongolia’s Capital, Ulaan Baatar is one of the best mixes of Tradition and Modernization. Everything about this country was mesmerizing, be it the simplicity of its people, its rich culture and heritage or the fact that the country is in perfect sync with nature.

Mongolia shelters the world’s last Horse riding Nomadic culture and once you see them in action, one can only wish if more countries had protected their culture half as wisely. The Ger camps outside Ulaan Baatar, with their simple and basic interiors, are a constant reminder of the many centuries this country is taking you back.

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